After much discussion, we've decided to end the Colophon adventure.

We have neither the time nor the resources to surpass what we already made together under this name.

Many thanks to all partners, speakers and attendees from our various publications and events.

Colophon will be archived while we prepare our next creations.

Meantine, future collaborations will continue under the magCulture banner.

With love,
Mike, Jeremy and Andrew

Colophon 2012

Colophon was created in 2005 by Mike Koedinger to celebrate the best in independent publishing.

Colophon organizes magazine-themed events around the world, including the International Independent Magazine Biennale in Luxembourg, which began in 2007. Colophon has also created the books We Love Magazine and We Make Magazines.
Curators: Mike Koedinger, Jeremy Leslie and Andrew Losowsky.

Mike Koedinger
Luxembourg's leading independent publisher Koedinger runs a publishing media group dedicated to producing high-quality magazines, corporate publications, guides and events for Luxembourg. With a stable of ten publications, an advertising management company, a studio for editorial design, a business club and numerous events and websites, his group monitors the pulse of popular culture and society in the greater Luxembourg region. Founded in 1994, the group today employs more than 50 people.
Jeremy Leslie
Award-winning editorial designer Jeremy is creative director at magCulture, a company that creates and designs content for print and digital media. Projects include major newsstand redesigns, book design and content consultancy with both publishers and non-publishers. Previously he art directed Time Out and style magazine Blitz and for ten years ran the creative department at the UK's leading customer publisher John Brown, where he oversaw the development of innovative titles including M-real magazine and Virgin Atlantic's Carlos. Jeremy has written two books about editorial design ("Issues" and "magCulture") and is a passionate advocate for the subject, regularly contributing to the creative press and international design conferences.
Andrew Losowsky
A renowned journalist, editor, and public artist. Andrew creates experiences for editorial clients around the world. As the editorial director of Europe's leading alternative city guide company Le Cool, he created the Weird and Wonderful Guidebook series, and the award-winning inflight magazine Ling. More recently, he created and published the magazine Stranded, entirely made by people stranded by the Icelandic ash cloud in April 2010. He was written for publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, Eye magazine, and The Guardian, and has given talks at high-profile events across Europe and the USA. Andrew edited the books "We Love Magazines" and "We Make Magazines" , and also wrote the text for the book "Turning Pages: Editorial Design for Print Media" .